Christ Centered Fellowship

Pastor Brooks Collins and his Wife Julia

It is our 1st year Anniversary, please join us as we celebrate in our LORD JESUS CHIRST.

If you draw near to the LORD, he will draw closer to you

CCF Upcoming Events and Bulletin

Sunday July 31 2016

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Join us and experience the power of singing Praise to our LORD Almighty. May the LORD strengthen you and give you authority over the spirit of weakness to set aside this day to sing songs of praises to HIM. There's Power in Worship, There's Healing in Worship, and There's absolute Joy in Worship. Come see how these amazing singers will shake the building with instrumental praises with their beautiful voices. May GOD Bless you for taking some time off for this day.

Please join us and feel the power of CHRIST our LORD and savior.

Past Events

Mother Day Service at CCF

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Time: 10:30 AM - 1:00PM

Guest Preacher : Pastor Eve Carole Noumsi

Come and experience the power of our LORD JESUS divine glory and a powerful teaching from Pastor Noumsi.

Past Events